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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Assignment HCI

Assignment HCI

 This is the assignment for Human Computer Interaction. Argh!!..xbes ckap omputih...bebelit lidah aku...asigment nie aku wt malam aku simpan lm laptop nie xbrbca....aku post la kt blog nie tuk kenang kenangan.....

Windows 7 starter

Problem : This version of window did not allow the user to change the background.  Compared to the windows 7 ultimate and home version, user allowed changing the background wallpapers, so user can choose their favorites image to be the background. If the user desperately wants to change the background, they have to install other software to let the background change. By installed the software, it can cause a lot of trouble because it may harm your computer.

Solving idea : I suggest the creator let the background to be changed because the background image can represent users feelings. The creator also have to let the windows 7 starter fully used to their customer because the target market of this version is student because they still can’t afford to buy the original version of windows.

Problem : No classic view to access the control panel. It hard if the first time user to access all the hardware and software problem compared to the windows xp that the control panel can be viewed in classic view. It can waste the user time if they want to access it.

Solving Idea : Change the display and icon to classic view.

Problem : The folder in music library icon is too simple. The first time user may feel the design is old fashioned although they can change it through the properties.

Solving idea : The icon for the music library must related to music. Maybe the creator can change the icon to a simple music note icon. So it will become more attractive.

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